About me

I’m Robert John the writer of ProgramdWeb (this blog), I’m a BSCS student, I love to share my ideas in the web programming. Currently, I have a part time job to an industrial company; my work here is to develop their website, intranet web base system and a minimal hardware! I love listening to rock music and I love the mother earth.

My Hobbies are:
- Playing computer games together with my friends.
- Developing a website.
- Going some where, just want to walk and walk. . .
- Playing yu gi oh cards

I don’t like the:
- Taking picture of myself (because camera hate’s me)
example how the camera hate's me
- Hardware stuff! (I’m a slim person so I don’t like lift a CPU(“with mother board hardisk inside!”) and monitor!)

My foundation in website programming is borland turbo c++. I learn HTML and PHP in school, the CSS, javascript & etc, learn through internet. If you want to know more about this ProgramdWeb For my reader if I have, sorry for unpleasant grammar and thank you for reading, please don’t hesitate to criticize me. Lastly always leave some comment thank you very much

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